How to install GTA V on RGH/JTAG Xbox 360

If anyone out there has problems with installing  GTA V on their RGH or JTAG hacked Xbox 360 console, just follow this guide to get it fully working.


1) Updating console

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GTA V need dashboard version 16202 or higher to run. So check your dashboard version under Settings -> System -> Console Settings -> System Info.  If youre on a lower dash, you need to update to at least 16202 to get it work. As of the release date(17.09.2013) of GTA V, the highest RGH/JTAG dashboard you can upgrade to (NOT via normal system upgrade or you will loose your RGH/JTAG !!!) is 16537. If you need to upgrade the dash, also check your Dashlaunch version. The most recent is 3.09.

2) Extracting GTA V disks

You’ve got your two GTA V disk files fully loaded? Then you can start extracting those in seperate folders via you preferred extractor like „Xbox Image Browser“, „Xbox Image Creator“ or „Xbox 360 Iso Extract“.

3) Uploading files to your Xbox 360

Move the folder 545408A7 from the extracted GTA V disk 1 to your Xbox 360:

  •  \content\0000000000000000\545408A7 -> Hdd1\content\0000000000000000


After that, copy the files of GTA V disk 2 as you would normally do. In my case to:

  • Hdd1\Games\GTA V


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4) Troubleshooting

  • Disk could not be read
    • Make sure you copied all files to your RGH/JTAG Xbox 360 and compare the file sizes. Sometimes the files are copied but differs in size so not all game files can be read correctly.
  • Game freezes, stuck, hangs on loading screen
    • If you followed everything in the how to, and getting those erros, you should check if it’s a bad ISO rip. You could run the ISOs through abgx360. This is a tool for verifying Xbox 360 ISOs. If anything is wrong with your GTA V rip it will show you yellow or red warning messages.


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